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I have had the great pleasure of knowing Nikki and Carl for the entire time they have been together and what a fun time that has been.  My family has spent time with them at the lake hanging out  and having great times together.  I still remember one of those when Carl was sleeping…well kind of sleeping I think he faked it but anyway…he was sleeping and Nikki decorated his entire head with markers.  She drew flowers , swirls all sort of decorations and Carl was such a great sport about it!  Also at the lake I have witnessed times when Nikki has been training for Triathlons and Carl would jump right in and go swim across the lake with her just to be supportive and help her…if I recall though he never did make it to the other side and back he typically got into the row boat for the trip back. :)  Basically what I am saying is Carl is an incredibly sweet, loyal, caring man!  Nikki for her part is a personal trainer and I have a feeling she pushes Carl to be more active and eat healthy so they can live a nice long life together!

When the two got engaged my wife and I could not have been happier for them (It was about time!) and when they contacted me to shoot engagement photos I did have to sell the idea of me coming to Hawaii to shoot the wedding but I think they were fairly happy in the decision.  The day of the wedding was great of course the wedding was amazing it was after all in Maui in January when back home here in Spokane the weather was in the 20’s not a good temp for an outdoor beach wedding. :)  Nikki and Carl were married on the beach with some of their close friends and family and all who attended had a fabulous relaxed time.  Take a look at some of the photos from the couples beautiful day!

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